State Flag of Florida (1861)

No vintage version of this flag is known to exist, but historians agree this was the state's intended design.

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1st Regiment, Florida Infantry (Old & New)
(1st Battalion, Florida Infantry (McDonell's) &
3rd Battalion, Florida Infantry (Miller's))

5th Regiment, Florida Infantry

1st Regiment, Florida Infantry (Reserves)

6th Regiment, Florida Infantry

2nd Battalion, Florida Infantry
(1st Battalion, Florida Partisan Rangers (Brevard's))

7th Regiment, Florida Infantry

2nd Regiment, Florida Infantry

8th Regiment, Florida Infantry

3rd Regiment, Florida Infantry

9th Regiment, Florida Infantry
(6th Battalion, Florida Infantry)

4th Regiment, Florida Infantry

10th Regiment, Florida Infantry
(1st Battalion, Florida Special Infantry &
Companies A-D, 2nd Battalion, Florida Infantry)

11th Regiment, Florida Infantry
(Companies E & F, 2nd Battalion, Florida Infantry &
4th Battalion, Florida Infantry)


1st Battalion, Florida Special Cavalry (Munnerlyn's)
("Florida Cow Cavalry")

5th Battalion, Florida Cavalry
(Companies D & I, 2nd Regiment, Florida Cavalry)

1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry (Dismounted)
(1st Battalion, Florida Cavalry (Davis'))

Capt. Fernandez's Mounted Company, Florida Supply Force

2nd Regiment, Florida Cavalry

Capt. Pickett's Company, Florida Cavalry

3rd Battalion, Florida Cavalry (Meyer's)
(Companies A, D, E & I, 15th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry)

Capt. Smith's Company, Florida Cavalry
("Marianna Dragoons" /
Company B, 15th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry)


Capt. Abell's Company, Florida Light Artillery
(Company B, "Milton Light Artillery")

Capt. Dyke's Company, Florida Light Artillery (Gamble's)
("Leon Light Artillery")

Capt. Dunham's Company, Florida Light Artillery
(Company A, "Milton Light Artillery")

Kilcrease Light Artillery, Florida
(Capt. Houstoun's Company, Florida Light Artillery (Villepigue's))

Capt. Perry's Company, Florida Light Artillery (Martin's-McCants')
("Marion Light Artillery")


Campbellton Boys, Florida

Capt. McBride's Company, Florida (Indians)

Conscripts, Florida

Miscellaneous, Florida

Capt. Harrison's Company, Florida
("Santa Rosa Guards")

Capt. Parsons' Company, Florida




1st Regiment, East Florida Cavalry

1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry

2nd Regiment, Florida Cavalry

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